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Learn to play better golf with Brian O'Hearn,  PGA Golf Instructor

Dilisio Golf Range 

Salem, MA

Named as one of the Top 50 Instructors in America




Please text (or call) me at 978-996-3846 to schedule a private or semi-private lesson.


The group class sign up button is below.

The 2023 schedule is now posted and available for registration.

If you are looking to purchase a gift certificate, scroll down for the six options.

Golf Club Repair


 Please TEXT (better) OR CALL ME AT 978-996-3846 

I prefer cash, but I can also accept Venmo or a credit card. 24 hours notice for cancellations is required.


My general availability is:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11-7, Saturday & Sunday 9-5 

Private golf lessons are a great choice to elevate your game to the next level. 

Video feedback and simple fact-based instruction with will help you reach your goals.



30 minutes: $60

60 Minutes: $100

Private Groups: $120/hr. for 2. Add $30 for each additional person.

Juniors (17 or under)

30 minutes: $50

Private Junior Groups: $100/hr. for 2. Add $25 for each additional person.

*Range balls are included with all full swing lessons



Group Lessons

Brian offers Women's and Junior (age 9 to 17) group classes.

These are for golfers of any ability level.

Women: $195 for 4 one-hour classes.

Juniors: $175 for 4 one-hour classes.

Clubs can be provided.                      

Minimum of 2, maximum of 5 participants.

Please click button below to see the schedules and/or to book.

Golf Partners

Gift Certificates

“Brian is an exceptional golf instructor, one of the small percentage of instructors, I suspect, who are equally personable, technically skilled, and highly effective in steadily producing positive change in students.  His experience and teaching ability is particularly evident in his remarkable skill at movement analysis.  His lessons build well on previous ones, and his capacity for keen observation and identification of the next step in the developmental process has surprised me often. He has established a solid foundation of fundamentals with me, helped me to learn to self-correct, and has instilled in me a commitment to regular range practice and a genuine affection for the game. My ball contact has steadily improved, as has my general shot-making, and my comfort level on the golf course. I have recommend him to friends, and each of those referrals has reported similar experiences with him to my own.” – Bob M.

“I had 20 lessons with Brian last year and my handicap went from 42 to 26. I’m having so much more fun on the course and I no longer feel embarrassed about my lack of skill. Thank you for all your help.” – Katie B.

“Brian is a talented, focused, delightfully humorous, and very effective golf instructor, who quickly establishes lasting rapport by understanding his student’s goals and aspirations accurately and quickly.  He then becomes a valued partner in a continuing evolutionary process; one who takes as much pleasure and satisfaction from his students progress in golf as the students do themselves.”  - Mike G.

About Me

  • Named as One of the Top 50 Golf Instructors in America by Golf Range Magazine

  • PGA Member for 30 years

  • Taught 40,000  lessons  

  • Graduate of the University of Colorado

Let me assess your game and help you with what you need.

I want to build personal plan for you to reach your goals.

In addition to the full swing we can work on putting, chipping, pitching, and bunker shots. During an on-course playing lesson we explore strategy, the mental side, uneven lies and how to score better.


I don't teach golf. I teach people. 

  • Why do you play/want to play golf? For the competition? Because your friends play?

  • What are your goals? To break 100? Hit it 20 yards farther? To not be embarrassed?

  •  How committed are you to practicing?

 My fact-based instruction uses the techniques of the best golfers in the world while   adjusting for the physical capabilities of the student. I strive to be an effective teacher   for ALL levels of golfers. I create a learning environment that makes the lessons fun and   simple for an enjoyable experience that produces success. 


Is this you?

 Improving the mental side of your game is as important as the physical side.

Blowing Golf Ball into Hole

“Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. It is at the same time rewarding and maddening – and it is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented.”

 - Arnold Palmer

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